How Mobile App Development Companies Fails to Save Top Mobile apps

Before we talk about top failure reasons for best mobile applications, it is indeed required to know What value of mobile apps is, and how mobile app development company run app development cycle. This will help us to understand top mobile apps development failure reasons.

Why Mobile App?

If we don’t know the statistics, at least we can find the way every person is holding a smart phone in market. As smart phone has become a necessity and asset of Day to Day life, professionals tried and counted Mobile as an efficient media for marketing and made it reachable to many users.

So, having a mobile app irrespective you share advertisements or not, clearly we need to understand that “If we can make a Mobile app which can become a necessity for all users group is a best way to boost your entrepreneurship”.

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Mobile App Development Cycle:

Making the presentation sort, Customers shares the business thoughts from which the game started. Let’s see steps followed by Mobile app development companies

                • Collect Business Requirement
                • One of Lead shows confidence having an architectural flow in his mind and shares with app developers
                • After 2 Months of development, customer gates a partly visual and functional app and shares some minor changes. Lead take care that delivered in next release.
                • Within this phase customer plays with the app and realizes few major factor missing and demands the app development team to patch it up. Here lead is in trouble and literally delivers a patch not a proper solution.
                • Neither customer pay for that nor development team ever delivers the real solution.
                • As a result – Team creates a unfriendly situation and somehow push the development up to market.

This way it happens all the time…

The worst part is, there are few customers who respect the team their ability and award a good pay check but still they fail. Let’s find top reasons why best mobile apps also fail.

Failure of Best Mobile App Development:

Mobile app development is definitely a team’s output and there must be a strategy for the complete game. Anything missing or misinterpreted or ignored or overwhelmed can cause a loss of a Million Dollars loss call.

If you are looking to develop a mobile app then you have to understand the expectations of mobile app users or mobile app user groups. If we dig it up to perfection I agree that it is very difficult but, to present it in a simple manner user demands are for a

                • Beautifully designed,
                • Smart solution which serve them in their day-to-day life or facilitates completely to their area of interest
                • Performance wise excellent
                • Delivers a complete solution.

We all understand this, but just before release to the market lets list and dig the app and list out the lacuna we deliver to market.

  1. Research Market & Audience
    We understand market research is necessary and Mobile application development team and few 3rd parties also provide support in this. Every demand has multiple version and user groups are divided accordingly. Let’s take an example: Social media vertical. There are users who spend more time and always love to be in touch (like Facebook). There are few other categories of users who want to be social but, only to professional network (like LinkedIn).

    Common mistake we do is we eagerly target to fulfill every category of users and creates our own thought … which results a mess and users reject it.

    Summary: Poor research or confused steps leads nowhere. Do not jump for an incompatible or odd app concept for the society. It suits for Mobile Games but not for the apps.

  2. Poor Mobile App & Business Strategy
  3. Not providing solution for all Mobile Platforms
  4. Poor User Experience
  5. Poor Marketing Strategy – Doesn’t exist for users or they don’t understand how the app add values to them
  6. Too many features in 1st release
  7. User Feedback: Overlooking importance of Post-Launch market interactions
  8. Negligence strategy for Competition


Mobile App Development generation is not new, where anything will work and an easy win game. But, as mobile app users are matured (well educated to mobile), now we have lots of apps and variety of media to collect user’s feedback about competitor’s app. Analyzing properly and executing with a good strategy will help quick success. So if you’re looking to get started for your own mobile app, hopefully now have a guideline for what to do what not to do.

Let us know your views and help me to understand the techno world market better…

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