Android App Development

5 Major Challenging Areas Of Android Applications Development

Although Android was unveiled in the year of 2007, the craze of app development has never ceased amongst developers. In a survey, held in 2015, it was found that around 40% of the professional developers targeted only Android as their target platform. Growing enthusiasm among developers, especially the beginners motivates them to invent new ideas and realize them in Android app development. The following explains five major challenge areas that are faced by developers while developing the Android mobile software application.

Android App Development

Developing the User Interface (UI)

We discuss about the User Interface (UI) many a times for different Smartphones, it varies in every case. For example Xiaomi has its MIUI, Samsung has Touch Wiz, Sony has Xperia and other UIs that are built by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Developers find it difficult for developing the applications that hold uniformity across different devices.

Performance factors

Factors that influence the performance of an application in a mobile device include – Graphical User Interface (GUI), memory and power. In here, the developer’s concern is about developing the application that does not disturb the balanced and distributed functioning of other applications while maintaining the optimality.

Theft code problem

Like all developers, an individual completely focuses on the Android app development by improving the functionalities and performance while neglecting the part of securing the application code logic. Several application pirates break into the source code or logic available from other applications using the re-engineering technique to build their own applications.

Attacks on security

Unauthorized access, malicious attack, and other issues can hamper the security of a user. Here, the developer has the responsibility to protect the communication channel denying any access of data, whether in transit or in rest. Containerization and encryption of data reduce the vulnerability of security breaches.

Compatibility with older versions

Adding of new features to an application is a desire for every developer. However, they need to think of a solution to add them into the older versions matching to the updated Android API and run smoothly on the device as desired.

Apart from these challenges, the developer needs to take care of different aspects, including that of usability, coding standards, scalability, etc. to provide a quality application to the users. Their precise and future-centric approach helps them develop the applications that are effective and beneficial in creating new features, fixing bugs, and others.

The above showcases the major challenges faced by Android application developers, which has to be overcome in order to develop a good and popular Android Mobile Application.

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Finding the Best Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore India

Top 10 Industries Hiring iPhone App Development Companies in India

Mobile apps are still being considered as the hottest trends globally in the technology sphere. Millions of applications are being available on each major mobile platform. The user base of these mobile solutions is continuously rising day by day. So, unlimited prospects are being available in this segment for your business goals. Creating a new app for your organization and approaching people on mobile platforms has become a challenge for every industry.

Finding the Best Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore India

Essence of iPhone Applications Development for Industries:

Those wondering to acquire new markets, approach more customers, and redeem all other benefits of mobile apps must consider developing an iPhone app. The rising number of iPhone app development companies in India signifying the acceptance of people and businesses. These agencies could give a life to your app concept proficiently. Every successful app development project requires a great idea, market insights and industrious team.

Innovations through mobile technologies are letting the small and medium businesses to faceoff the international brands. Enterprise level mobile strategies are helping businesses from each industry to excel and achieve their business goals. So, there are many reasons available to decide on iPhone application development India solutions.

  1. Banking and Finance – In this segment, the insurance companies tops the list with creating and promoting their apps on App Store. In fact, all the leading monetary organizations already have created their own iPhone apps to stay connected with their clientele. Cards, private, retail and corporate banking sectors are involved in this race.
  1. Education – Educational mobile apps are among the most downloaded items in major mobile application marketplaces. Schools to universities and the private educational instructions are showing their interest in developing such stuffs.
  1. Government – The governmental agencies are now approaching the leading iPhone application development company for creating mobile strategies. State and central government bodies are putting interest on these matters now.
  1. Healthcare – Advancement of the healthcare industry is being supported by the innovative solutions of iPhone app development companies in India. Healthcare services, advices and products became easily accessible through these apps.
  1. Media and Entertainment – Right from online ticket booking sites to live streaming service providers, all are involved through iPhone applications development.
  1. Real Estate – The engineering and construction companies are approaching iPhone application development company with new business models.
  1. Retail – e-Commerce and m-commerce like concepts nurtured with the mobile apps gradually. Fashion and apparel to grocery and consumer electronics, mobile applications supported it for the next level.
  1. Technology – Professional service providers, manufacturers, and utility service providers, all are readily developing iPhone apps. Bill payments, mobile recharges, and many more became popular with this media.
  1. Transportation and Logistics – Airlines, cab booking companies, shipping and logistics like industries are too leveraging towards iPhone application development India.
  1. Travel – Tour and travel companies to car rental service providers, all sorts of businesses are making the best out of the mobile technologies.

Besides these, all other industries are now getting their mobile strategies ready. Over the last few years, the on-going technological revolution brought many handy solutions for the businesses.

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Key Challenges & Trends Of iPhone Applications Development Companies in Bangalore India

Unraveling the future can bring more positives as well as negatives. But, the ones surviving those difficult challenges after adapting the effective methodologies can achieve the pinnacle of success. No, this is not any philosophical advice. This has always remained the theory for iPhone app development companies in India that wish to accomplish the best.

Challenges for iPhone app developers

The iPhone application developers come across several challenges during the application development. Let us know about some of those challenges.

    • iOS app compatibility – This is quite a common challenge for the developers in the purview ofkey-challenges1 the so many Apple devices. The issue can be identified by using the TaaS product for the iOS application.
    • Memory & performance limitation – Another difficulty that troubles during iPhone applications development is managing the memory as the iPhone device doesn’t come with a garbage collection function. Objective C is useful to implement the memory management model.
    • User interface – Apple and its products are renowned for their clean design concept and here’s where the developers may find the challenge of developing an app that has a superb user interface and functionality to yield best business results.

The above is not a complete list of challenges faced by developers and only focuses on some common problems.

2016 Trends of iPhone app development

As the year 2016 finishes one quarter, the iPhone app development companies in India try to implement the new trends of application development. What are they? Come, let us check out.

    • “Swift” Language – The favorite programming language of developers that brokekey-challenges2 into the market with a strong impact. New framework, methodologies, features in this “Swift” language is going to be this year’s hotshot.
    • iBeacon for Geo location – This is going to be most effective from a business perspective as it helps in developing smarter applications that determine the location of an app user.
    • Security – This is serious, absolutely serious. For iPhone applications development, the security feature to protect the consumer data remains one of the major factors. And, the developer’s would lay more importance to it.

Apart from these, the m-commerce is going to take the center stage instead of e-commerce. The number of Smartphone users is growing exponentially, which gives a vivid idea of how businesses can get affected by the intensity of applications.

Now is the time when businesses require efficient iPhone application development India services from the company that meets all of their requirements. Post app development, the business can enhance its sales with maximum customer outreach. However, it is also important that the app gets under serious checks to match the trends and user responses. User sustainability is the key challenge here and that can be solved through a longer “shelf life” of the application. Such proficiency can only be achieved by professional Mobile app development companies in India that offer feasible yet effective solution at one time. To draw any conclusion, it is better to check their previous application development projects.

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