App Icon Design Standard

Many mobile app startup say’s Mobile App Icon should be your company logo. Then they take challenge to change color and finally they use to land on a complete different icon which only holds the impression to make it unique.

All concepts are good but those app which avoids common mistakes wins the battle and getting angel investment for promotion which helps organization to provide better offers to their users.

Do we know that 95% of customers go to the market with the lost hope app icon and compromised their vision up to the extent where they forgot the importance of Mobile App Icon?
Apple App Icon
Basically, 99% of smart mobile phone user deletes the app after using your app couple of time.

Do you know what can be the main reason?

Smart mobile application user group rarely counts whether your app consumes their mobile memory on basis of which they are bound to delete the app.

Today’s date Smartphone users spend more than 2 Hr’s a day on their mobile and 70 to 85 times a day, they visit their mobile HOME page.

As per analysis the real reason is before App start returning value to user, they find

    • Your Mobile app icon looks completely odd on their home screen
    • They are confident that they can find a better app which suits their mobile

For better mobile app branding and popularity new startups jump up pushing Notification to user mobiles, but still they failed to nail it.

Do we know how does a push notification impact the users?

User group know push notification is meant to attract them to tap and browse the app so that the app can get more benefit. But, still they tap on it because they believe that, the notification holds some value for him and he uses it.

If we seriously think then…
Do we know how much value a push notification with logo results?

If you keep your best fit apps icon in push notification, then 45% of users attends the notification willingly with a trust on the service provider app, because it is no longer going to be a unknown push notification.

Also as per “Human Interface” research prevails, the maximum tolerable number of times we see an app icon in a push notification results to increase number of user who follow the app.